Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” Live Wallpaper for Android

Yes… another one. Just for fun.

Available for free on Google Play and Github.

Have a look:


Also available in various other colors, e.g.




Blooba Live Wallpaper for Android

First contact with Android 🙂 Made a small live wallpaper just to get to know how stuff works and what it’s capable of. So I designed a Blooba —  a squishy object that bounces around on your screen. It’s fun to play with and it’s been even more fun to implement.

Have a look at these videos to see it in action!

And some screenshots:

Image ImageImage Image

And you can download the app for free here

realistic rain effect: rainyday.js

rainyday.js is a simple script for simulating raindrops falling on a glass surface. Features a clear API to easily control most of the script variables in order to achieve the most realistic effect – either specify the rain intensity and draw a static picture or run it as an animation.

Original picture:
Screenshot of the live demo:

You can check out the live demos here or have a look at the source code on github.

The first step of the approach is to draw the original picture on the HTML5 canvas and applying the blur effect. In the next phase a second (transparent) canvas is added to the DOM over the original one in order to emulate the glass surface. Randomly distributed raindrops are then placed on the glass. The effect is improved by having the drops take irregular shapes as well as a reflection of the original image in the raindrop, based on previously calculated miniatures.

Here’s a couple of links that were a great help for me when working on the script:

installing ubuntu 13.04 on mac mini

I was recently looking for a small server machine to help me organize my stuff around the home network. I’ve purchased a Mac Mini (I’m not arguing this was the best choice, I just did it). The hardware is nice enough for running my xbmc server + a bunch of other services without any issues. Plus it doesn’t make any noise so it’s perfect for running 24/7.

  • using unetbootin burn Ubuntu ISO to USB (in my case: ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso)
  • on Mac OS setup network connection (this might be useful later in case you break anything)
  • on Mac OS install rEFIt and reboot the machine at least two times before it catches on
  • on Mac OS go to Applications → Utilities → Disk Utility and resize the existing partition to minimum (or any other size in case you want to still use Apple’s OS)
  • boot your Mac from Ubuntu USB by selecting boot64 in rEFIt
  • choose to install Ubuntu alongside Mac OS
  • grab a beer while Ubuntu installs
  • once done select Boot EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi from EFI which will run GNU GRUB and allow you to boot into Ubuntu

That’s it! In case you run into any issues and find yourself stuck and unable to boot anything, just press Alt+R after power on and you’ll be able to restore the original system on the Mac Mini.

tree rendering with tr3.js

tr3.js is my attempt at generating random tree-like structures using javascript. The script provides an API in order to customize the output according to a few pre-defined style. It’s also possible to extend the engine with your own style definitions the way you see fit.

Check out the following screenshots of various rendering styles:

The source code for tr3.js can be found on github. It is currently still in development so expect the unexpected 🙂